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Cheney Maintenance & Pest Control is dedicated to caring for and maintaining your whole home.  Our Pest Control division cares for your home, from the inside-out.  Unlike many companies that come in and simply spray your home, we come inside your home and perform an "Initial Clean-out ".  During your Initial Clean-out, our qualified technician will treat the interior of your home.  Baits will be placed in areas of your home that are not accesible to pets or children, such as behind electrical outlets.  All of our products are plant derived, and of the highest quality.  Our pest prevention plan is:

  1. Initial Clean-out and Barrier Treatment
  2. Quarterly perimeter treatments to keep pests at bay throughout the year*

*If at any time, you see a need for additional pest control, we will come back free of charge.

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Sweeping The Eaves

sweeping the eaves at during every treatment
is key to keeping your house looking it's best.
Not only are they a eyesore but webs attract more
pests - so we'll be getting rid of those too.

Garages & Shops

Garages and shops are usually prime locations
for critters of all kinds. We thoroughly treat in
and around garages and shops to keep them
pest free all year long.

Exterior Barrier

We use foundation and other exterior treatments
to keep your biggest investment looking it's best.
We always sweep webs & nests from eaves and
treat the perimeter of your property.

Interior Prevention

We use pet and child safe solutions for keeping
the interior of your home bug free year round!


Protection From Common Pests:

House Ants
Box Elder
Stink Bugs
Mud Daubers
Yellow Jackets
+ 50 more
* additional fee may apply

REal Results

●  Access to real people not call centers
●  Customized service plan
●  Complete summaries of work done
●  Online payment options

100% Warranty

●  We work until the pests are gone
●  If the pests return so do we, at no cost to you

Treatment areas


●  Kitchen,
●  Garage,
●  Under sinks,
●  Cracks & crevices,
●  Voids,
●  Entry points


●  Sweep soffits and lights
●  Garbage areas
●  Exterior foundation
●  Door and window frames
●  Cracks & crevices
●  Exterior entry points

Regular visits (Optional)

●  Quarterly Services (1 every 3 months)
●  Webs and nests will be swept and removed
●  A 4 foot barrier to prevent pests will be added
●  Mouse stations will be checked and refilled
●  If pests return we'll come back at no extra cost 

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Each season, different pests cause different problems. We cater your service to meet the seasons needs.

Termite treatment plans to protect your biggest investment

Whether you have termites or not, having active termite protection is a must. Take care of your largest investment today by setting up a premier termite protection plan for you and your home. Call us today for a free estimate.

an organic pest solution like no other

In our efforts to be more enviromentally considerate, we are now offering a 100 % organic and green pest control service. Call us today and find out how we can protect you and your home from unwanted pests without harmful chemicals.

Jason Gabauer - Naples

This group has been great for us. Everything is order and on time. Further if I call with a question they make sure its answered right away. Can't beat it.

Debbie Coleman - Felda

I have used this service for many years and I love it, always does a great job for us, always answers all my questions and very affordable and I feel comfortable with them in and around my house and property.

Jessica Pigg - Immokalee

Great company! All the work they do is excellent and their employees are always polite and friendly.

Mosquito Control PLANs

Make the outdoors enjoyable again! Outdoor party coming up? Ready to enjoy your yard, mosquito free? Give us a call to set up a mosquito evaluation and we will give you a free estimate on making the outside of your home more enjoyable this summer.


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